Info on Edgeless Bounty Distribution

We are more than happy to see how many early supporters and believers Edgeless has attracted up to now. I truly believe that together we will bring many changes to the Casino industry. Before talking about the bounty distribution process the whole Edgeless team wants to say a massive — THANK YOU!

Edgeless Bounty distribution

Bounty payouts are paid proportionally based on Crowdsale milestones (bounty program rules: The rest of the bounty will be paid together with an official launch of Black Jack and “Edgeless Lounge” casino games. This will happen in Q3 after ICO.

Edgeless have reached Milestone 1 by collecting (61K), so 20% of the bounty will be paid now and 80% will be paid together with an Edgeless Black Jack launch.

This week there will be distributed bounty rewards for the following programs: BTT Signature Bounty; Translation Bounty; BTT ANN Moderation Bounty (might be delayed due to ongoing investigation for rules infringement); Blog/ News Bounty.


  1. Before distribution, please check carefully all the bounty calculations again (links are below). If you find any discrepancies, please send a private message to Edgeless from your profile. Changes can be made up to 29th of March, 2017, 4PM GMT.
  2. Please check that your provided ETH wallet address is not from an exchange. ETH wallet addresses have to be created on: MyEtherWallet, Mist or Parity. Please send a private message to Edgeless from your profile if you want to change your ETH wallet address. Changes can be made up to 29th of March, 2017, 4PM GMT.

Bounty Calculations:

  1. Signature Bounty Results:
  2. Translation Bounty Results:
  3. BTT ANN Moderation Bounty Results-current it’s ongoing investigation regarding some rule infringement. Updates on moderation bounty will be posted in a couple of days.
  4. Blog/ News Bounty Program Results:

Twitter/ Facebook Bounty Distribution:

All Twitter and Facebook bounty participants have to claim their bounty from up to 31th of March, 2017, 4PM GMT.

How To Claim Reward:

  1. Sign in with Twitter/Facebook
  2. Press “Claim reward” button and get authorization
  3. On the 3rd of April we will send a request email from to your original Twitter/ Facebook email address asking for your ETH wallet address (MyEtherWallet)
  4. All wallet address have to be collected before to 6th of April, 2017, 4PM GMT.
  5. Twitter/Facebook bounty calculations announced (7th of April, 2017)
  6. Twitter and Facebook bounty rewards will be distributed up to 11th of April, 2017.

Important: spammers, cheaters and fake accounts will be removed from Twitter and Facebook bounty programs.

Bounty FAQ:

Ethere price went up, why aren’t you paying full bounty or a least the bounty for milestone 2–3?

Because ETH price went up that also means the EDG token value is higher too. Technically the value of your bounty rewards just increased by 2–3 times.

Why does it take so long to receive bounty? Almost a week has passed…

Because we have more than 3000+ bounty participants. Also some of participants are cheating/ free running creating fake social media accounts, blog posts, fake posts, etc, or proofreading with google translate. It takes time to go through each participant and check whether they are real or not. It takes 2–4 minutes per participant — that’s somewhere around 6000–12000 minutes in total which is 100–200 hours of work just to get rid of all the cheaters/ free runners to make the bounty fair for everyone who put in effort.

Additionally we need to collect ETH wallet addresses, check those and many more things. That’s why we cannot provide the bounty in 1–2 days.

Bounty calculations are not fair.. my contribution is not on a list.. I can see some cheaters getting their share for nothing…

If that is the case, please write a PM message to our BTC talk explaining what the problem is and we will investigate and if necessary, recalculate the bounty.

When will you distribute the extra bounty pool for additional effort to our top bounty contributors?

Once we have distributed the regular bounty, top contributors will be contacted directly by us and we will distribute additional bonuses personally.

Why did some of a translated bounty material not get published?

Because people used Google translate and we cannot publish this kind of a material since it contains a lot of mistakes. Secondly a lot of posts had extremely poor content quality or poor blog/ channel it was posted on.

Can I take off Edgeless Signature?


General questions?

Bounty confirmation questions — BTC forum only, so we can know that your are a real person.

General questions: Slack PM or email