The Edgeless journey: the past, present and near future

Dec 22, 2018 · 6 min read

Hi all,

Firstly, on behalf of the Edgeless team, I want to thank you — the Edgeless community — for being with Edgeless. Your support means a lot to us!

As 2018 is coming to an end, we reckon it’s a good time to take a look at what has happened this year and what awaits Edgeless in the near future.

There is a good saying: a company without vision is like a ship without a compass. From the beginning, Edgeless’ ethos has been to develop the first blockchain product for a mass market.

That’s right, it’s almost 2019 and blockchains have been around for quite a while now (more than 10 years). Yet the industry continues to exhibit a semi-functioning infrastructure with problems relating to blockchain wallets and exchanges as well as the presence of many questionable ICO’s. For now, it seems there is no company on the planet that offers an outstanding blockchain product to the mass market. Product excellence is crucial for crypto/blockchain adaptation. Today’s technological advancements ensure that consumers play a defining role: at every stage of the B2C supply chain exists the interactive customer.

Why is blockchain technology not trending in daily life? Let’s be frank, consumers are generally not interested in blockchains, smart-contracts, wallets or any other kind of mambo jumbo geeky stuff! The average laptop buyer doesn’t care about every tiny microchip inside their machine, they just want a laptop to function according to their needs. Similarly, most consumers don’t care about blockchain or smart-contract technology, they just want a product or technology to work well and be of benefit to them.

Essentially, the latest technological capabilities of the blockchain can be utilized to address the current issues of online gambling transparency, payment tracking, tracking of regulations and money laundering.

Competition is fierce and today Edgeless is among the top blockchain leaders heading to mass market.

It’s been already two years since Edgeless introduced the first smart-contract based slot machine to the Ethereum Reddit community. At that time, Edgeless was the first smart-contract developer to create a betting product prototype. After receiving a lot of positive feedback, Edgeless decided to proceed with the project, which became the first smart-contract gambling project operating on the Ethereum infrastructure.

2018 was a turbulent year. The blockchain industry was heavily shaken by over-hype and had to correct itself; nevertheless, Edgeless continues to adapt and grow!

Edgeless’ key moments:

- Launched casino, an actual blockchain product with mass market appeal

- Four games were introduced with great success

- Wagered more than 135 million EDG

- Collected more than 1.3 million EDG deposits

- Opened Staking. The community staked more than 1.5 million EDG in less than 24 hours

- Developed new UI/UX designs, including improved gamification elements with a strong focus on visualization tools. Updates also ensured a smoother overall user flow and faster deposit/withdrawals than ever before

- The team came up with a Jackpot for the players

- Edgeless surpassed enormous legal challenges by becoming compliant with gambling and crypto regulations

- Built a team of more than 20 ambitious professionals

The main challenges the team has faced in 2018:

- Blockchain technology adaptation issues
- Setting the right priorities
- Communication with the Edgeless community
- Managing consumer expectations
- Reconceptualising Edgeless’ vision — from corporation to lean start-up

‍At the beginning of this year, Edgeless introduced the roadmap for 2018. Because blockchain is quite a new technology and largely unexplored by developers, while trying to deliver the promises introduced in the roadmap on time, the Edgeless team faced a multitude of obstacles. Firstly, launching new products and features took longer than expected. As previously mentioned, there is still limited knowledge on the application of blockchain technologies within the market. As a result, the Edgeless team was mostly learning through trial and error. Secondly, after each product launch, we faced unexpected technical problems that needed to be resolved, it took time to correct various bugs. Nevertheless, throughout 2018, the Edgeless team gained the truly invaluable experience of how to launch a blockchain product, and the casino’s growth statistics show that the team is on the right track.

‍Setting the right priorities was another important lesson. After the launch of the Edgeless casino, the team’s focus was on building more games and new features. The goal was to achieve faster user growth. Yet, as Edgeless’ experience has shown, the development of more games and new features does not always correlate with faster growth, especially if the product does not work properly. This lesson was the main motivation behind Edgeless’ updated casino. A new design, an even more intuitive and user-friendly interface, faster registration and near-instant deposits — these are the changes you’ll notice on the new Edgeless casino!

Roadmap implementation was also dependant on communications and community expectation management. Because most of the Edgeless team are developers, in the early days of the blockchain project we did not have a specialized team dedicated to communication processes; in fact, such processes were quite new to Edgeless. As a result, the Edgeless community did not receive sufficient updates on roadmap progress. It was only in the second half of 2018 when the Edgeless communications team was formed.

Since its inception, the team had the vision of Edgeless as an established corporation, as though it was mature company 20 years in business!. But in reality, it’s not a corporation. Edgeless is a lean start-up which is developing a pioneering, technologically-challenging product. In addition, Edgeless is operating in a newly-emerging, highly-turbulent industry that experiences major changes almost every two months. Due to the nature of this business, Edgeless needs to be exceptionally lean and to adjust to changes incredibly fast.

‍Now the team is stronger than ever and motivated to bring the first blockchain product to a mass consumer market.

Priorities for 2019 that will lead to faster user acquisition:

‍- Up to 4 new games on our casino platform
- More Jackpots and an expanded Jackpot feature
- Major UI / UX game updates
- Sports Betting
- An updated version of staking
- Poker

Edgeless will now communicate the short-term direction of the company more frequently. In Q1 we plan to create up to four new games on our casino platform and additional Jackpots. Quarter objectives will then be evaluated and the next quarter objective will be announced at a later date. Learning from our experience, this strategy will stimulate faster user acquisition — especially in an industry that is changing almost every two months. Also, more specific updates on shorter company goals have been requested by many in the community. Indeed, keeping the community updated on the daily workings of Edgeless is beneficial for both the team and the community as a whole.

‍Using this method, Edgeless wants to reach a more lean state which would allow Edgeless to:‍

- Acquire users as fast as possible
- Respond to market needs right away
- Select priorities related to the current situation in order to stimulate growth
- Communicate with the community more often on issues that are relevant now

Today Edgeless has officially launched Slots, a new game that is very symbolic for all of the Edgeless community. Two years ago Edgeless introduced the first smart-contract based slot machine on Reddit. The team believes that Slots will be very popular among players and help Edgeless to grow even faster. And the best part is that currently slots games account for 80% of profits made on the entire gambling market. Edgeless plans to use slots as one of its best tools to attract recreational players.

On behalf of all the Edgeless team, I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via telegram, email, reddit or other channels found on our website

‍Visit now and try the new Edgeless game.

Edgeless — New Era Of Casino (0% Edge & Full Transparency)


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Edgeless — New Era Of Casino (0% Edge and Full Transparency)


Edgeless — New Era Of Casino (0% Edge & Full Transparency)