#47 — Going Live On World Food Day, The Business Of Food, And More

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Oct 13 · 4 min read


We at Edible Issues are ambassadors for the Thought For Food Foundation and as a part of the launch of their innovation challenge on World Food Day, we are going live on Instagram with innovators from the food space in India with this question:

How might we build a better food system

We have got a line-up of some fantastic people who will show/tell what they are doing for a better food system in India.

Join us this Tuesday, 15th October between 6–7 PM on Instagram (edible_issues)

Read more about the TFF Challenge and see you online!

Until then, dive into this week’s issue.

Stay Curious,
Anusha & Elizabeth

Photo by Laurentiu Morariu on Unsplash

Food Regulator Sleeping With ‘Enemy’:
Times of India


Photo by Aruna Tirkey on Atlas Obscura

The Restaurant Putting India’s Disappearing Tribal Cuisine Back on the Menu: Atlas Obscura

Kitchen on a Mission

This episode of Feeding 10 Billion features Mark Kahn, the Managing Partner of Omnivore, an impact venture fund that invests in Indian startups developing breakthrough technologies for food, agriculture, and the rural economy. Listen!

Take it to the Farmer👩‍🌾

🧅India Isn’t Letting a Single Onion Leave the Country
Officials are threatening raids to prevent onion smuggling. India’s neighbours, reliant on hundreds of millions of pounds of the crop, are reeling from the news: Not a single onion can leave India.

🥕How ancient ingredients and revamped recipes are rewriting India’s food future
Just 12 crops of the 30,000 edible plants found in nature and five animal species account for more than 80% of our calorie intake today. This alarming narrowing of choice is why Food Forever advocates for more diversity on our dinner plates.

👩🏼‍🌾Amazon’s move into Indian agriculture and health signals coming transformation
AWS’ Teresa Carlson plans an innovation centre for agriculture, and use machine learning to ensure health services reach the underserved.

🍫The making of a chocolate economy
The rise of Indian bean-to-bar chocolates has the potential to forge a new future for cacao farmers in Kerala. These chocolates are creating a sustainable chain all the way from farm to factory

Energy, food and leaky pipes: Solving India’s water crisis

Food, culture, and some appropriation issues

Tradition of food migration bypassed

Evolution ensured people adopted new foods through generations of experiments. but in a fast globalising age, we don’t seem to have the luxury to test and then adopt

Health food firms sprout in a fitness conscious India

Health food start-ups are all the rage. Read about how these brands are giving consumers a new offering for taste and their body.

Zomato extends Gold program
to delivery

Zomato Attracts National Restaurant Association Of India’s ire as it extends contentious ‘Gold’ programme to delivery

📣Event Alert

Read more here!

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Edible Issues

Curated news from the Indian food system, dispatched weekly. More on edibleissues.in

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Edible Issues

Curated news from the Indian food system, dispatched weekly. More on edibleissues.in

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