[Edible Issues #32] — #32: Digital Green, Egg-politics, Zero Hunger and More

Edible Issues
Feb 21 · 3 min read


We encounter food issues every day. But not all of them impact us so directly. Hunger is one of the biggest and most pressing issues. Unequal access to safe, nutritious food puts a majority of our population at severe risk.

The World Food Program is on a mission to end hunger by 2030 and is looking out for the boldest solutions for the Global Innovation Challenge for Zero Hunger. Apply here and share the word! (Deadline: February 28th)

This week we feature Rikin Gandhi, who is empowering farmers through grassroots level partnerships and technology. So, don’t miss that read!

Lot’s of news this week, we are not egg-xagerating.

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Source: Swati Narayan, February 2019

The Egg Debate Boils Over — Will Governments Stop Playing With Children’s Food? : The Wire

With political parties scrambling before the 2019 elections, Swati Narayan tells it straight, on how politics and religion are interfering with basic access to nutrition.

Just Eggs — No More Puns!

Source: The Hindu
Seaweed farmers at Mandapam camp in Ramnad district. | Photo Credit:
M.J. Prabu

Mariculture is as important for India as agriculture: The Hindu

Scientists are turning to the sea to explore the 844 seaweed species through India’s 7,500km coastline as alternative sources of nutrition for ourselves and crops as well.

Seaweed Diet


☘Resilient Food Sytems
- Reviving indigenous knowledge of food systems can strengthen the ability to meet the challenges.
- Resilient forests foods are helping farmers increase productivity.
- India and China are greening faster than the rest of the world

🥗Health & Nutrition
- Good Food Institute and the Institute of Chemical Technology will sign an MoU to research plant-based protein and alternative meat substitutes.
- Akshaya Patra is on a mission to serve 5 billion school meals by 2021

- Prasad Rai’s overview of how blockchain could be of great value to the foodservice industry.
- IBM is focussing on eliminating #foodwaste by using blockchain to optimize the food supply chain.

- India’s accelerating food economy is fueling palm oil consumption.

- A month after TN plastic ban, small hotels and streetside shacks are still confused.
- CHUK tableware that can decompose in 90 days is ready to take on the global market.

- Scientists identify proteins linked with wheat infection.
- New report flags use of antibiotics on animals — wake up call for India


#FarmtoFork for All
Move over most Instagrammed restaurants, these eateries are keeping the traditional food movement alive!

For the Love of Fungi
Pranoy Thipaiah who runs the Kerehaklu farm writes for the Goya Journal about the memories and marvels of the mushrooms.

Stock up on Indian Superfoods
We just love posts like this that embrace our existing biodiversity.

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