Hey Los Angeles — Meet Edible.

It’s finally ready.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Edible in the Los Angeles, CA area. This will be our FIRST major launch.

Before we dive into the good stuff — let’s get some questions out of the way.

What is Edible?

Edible is a curated list of the best restaurants in LA and their menus. It was designed to help people with dietary restrictions dine out at restaurants.

The app seamlessly shows you restaurants and the specific dishes there that you can eat based on your dietary restrictions! Here are some app specs:

  • 3 Supported Diets
  • 8 Supported Allergies
  • 400 + Top-Rated Restaurants
  • 15,000 + Dishes


We built Edible to help the 60 Million Americans who struggle with some sort of dietary restriction. This includes everything from food allergies to plant-based-diets to Celiac Disease and so much more.

As we become more aware of what we’re eating, we will need a platform that empowers us to eat the way that suits our lifestyle. No more playing 20 questions with the waiter. No more settling for a salad!

What sorts of dietary restrictions?

Edible currently supports Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, and Gluten-free diets. We also support the main eight food allergies.

How does it work?

Edible is so easy your great-grandmother could use it (Probably).

Simply input your dietary restrictions and see a list of great options near you.

What if I have a really weird dietary restriction that your app doesn’t support?

While we may not have support for every single diet in the app, we are still dedicated to helping to find great local food! Simply call or text our Diet & Allergy Concierge Service and we’ll get back to you with some great local options, guaranteed.

Cool, how do I get it?

Simple. If you’re in Los Angeles, CA or Ann Ann, MI and have an iOS or Android device (Blackberry support will not be coming) you can download the app today by searching “Edible Project” on the app store or clicking this link → Click me :D

Feedback- we want yours!

Seriously. We’d love to hear what you think. Love it? Hate it? Got a feature request? Whatever it is, we want to hear from you. Shoot us an email at hello@edibleproject.io and we guarantee a response within 24 hours.

Cool. Enjoy our epic launch video below. We call it “A Los Angeles First Date.” When dietary restrictions make the first date a little uncomfortable, Edible has your back.

-Mike & Ish ❤

The Edible Project helps you find food tailored to your lifestyle. Know anyone in LA or with dietary restrictions? Tell them to download the app today. We also have free diet guides 🙌 and a concierge service. Follow us on instagram at @edible_project for mouthwatering food grams.