Diet Trends 2017

From food allergies to veganism and low-carb diets, the world of eating is transforming right before our eyes.

Aug 14, 2017 · 9 min read
If you look closely you can even see annual cyclical behavior in diet trends, decreasing during the holidays and peaking after New Year’s

Classifying Dietary Restrictions

There are three main classes of dietary restrictions:
1. Food Allergies & Diabetes
2. Dietary Preferences
3. Religious Constraints

“One theory is that the Western diet has made people more susceptible to developing allergies and other illnesses.” — CNN

Scientists have proposed that such a diet leads to the loss of gut bacteria that can fight off the inflammation caused by common food allergens.

Halal (left) and Kosher (right) certification symbols

Diet Trends

With a better understanding of what leads people to choose a specific diet, if any, we can take a critical look at recent trends. Then we can hypothesize if it is a fad or not.








Food Allergies


We have more choices for our food than ever before. And Americans, as author Michael Pollan puts it, “have never had a single, strong stable culinary tradition to guide us.”

“Americans have never had a single, strong, stable culinary tradition to guide us” ~ Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma

So the problem is that as a society we sway from one fad diet to another, addicted to the thought of losing weight, optimizing health, or just trying something new.

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