How we billed +€500K in less than 3 months with #nocode

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How can we prove and test this model as quickly and cheaply as possible? With #nocode.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

It is something that Paulo (our CEO) always tells us and that we have very much in mind; from day one, we thought about being agile and validating before dedicating considerable resources to it for something 100% customized for us, we bet on a MAP as much as possible, and we started to create our product with the “cheapest” technology possible… using #nocode.

That was the choice we had to make… we chose #nocode

Why did we choose #nocode?

The million-dollar question… Why #nocode? As I said at the time, we were immersed in other jobs and could not dedicate all the time in the world to it, and we needed to prove that we were correct, that our hypothesis made sense, and at that time, we didn’t have the time and knowledge to develop all this in a personalized way, and we knew that like everything entrepreneur, that we were going to change things constantly. So we asked ourselves…

Did it make sense to make a tailor-made development at that time? No.

So the top 3 reasons why we chose #nocode were these:

  • Lower validation cost. Time (to be able to have a website in a few weeks to validate the product. Market-fit)
  • Lower execution cost. Money (Not having to invest in programmers to develop an idea we didn’t know if it would work)
Approximation of the development process of the Edify MAP with
Edify v1 flow using #nocode
Example of a message we received in our Slack, ALL Edify colleagues. In Spanish

“In just over three months, we went from an idea to selling for €500K, proving our business and starting to scale it”

How can I solve this problem (entirely or partially) with as few resources as possible?

From there, having proven that solution, you can assess the next step. In our case at Edify, we have a significant burden of “Operations,” controlling materials, the status of a reform, communicating with customers, etc.

Before we scale these processes… we need them to be easy for us to do.

Edify Tech <> Biz working model. Sept 2021
Tech working model at Edify.

“Customers would arrive, but between they giving us the data and us sending the first contract document, it could take days, aiming to reduce that to minutes.”

I repeat that at Edify, we have a robust culture of validating and then developing, but we were not going to send a simple Google or Word Doc to our clients; we are different from a traditional real estate agency (in fact… we are not a real estate agency) we had to be different in that regard too.

With Proposify and Zapier + Hubspot, we connected all the customer information to generate a contract in minutes.

Model to simplify the work in the engaging phase. Sept 2021

“We managed to reduce a 1–2-day process to just over 5 minutes.”

Figma’s final result that we export for our customers. Sept 2021

Do you find it fascinating? I recall, so far, there is more than any CSS of the form; not a line of code has been developed for all of this. All with #nocode!

Our CMS collection manages customers from Webflow. V1 Sept 2021
  • View photo galleries and videos of their reform
  • Download all documents (order notes, plans, etc…)
  • Download the invoices of the reform
  • All the information about the architect, budget, etc…
Reform client dashboard (the demo project) Sept 2021

With this, we have a complete flow to validate the entire sales process to say… “Okay… this makes sense.”

Edify product & technology work format. Sept 2021

Next goals in Edify

All of this lays the foundations for our following goals, which roughly translates to:

  • 💶 Triple sales in 2022
  • 🏙 Being in more Spanish cities during 2022

“Sell the problem you solve, not the product you make.”

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