Bocconi: Mgmt of Fashion & Luxury Companies-W2: 2.0 Introduction

Hello everyone. This week we are going to talk about business models.

Business model in fashion and luxury. 
Why is this a very important topic?

Actually, in the current marketplace,

the product is not enough. 
Communication is important, but again, it is not enough.
The designer persona is important, but is not enough. 
The way you design your business model is very, very important in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

So in this week, we are going to talk about the four business models that we can actually find in fashion:

  • from luxury and luxury brands;
  • to designer fashion brands,
  • premium brands,
  • and, last but not least, the vertical retailers in the mass market.

So, we will devote a lot of attention, both in terms of theory and framework to these four business models. 
And we will support our learning with the help of interviews of companies and guest speakers, and also some businesses cases. There will be Erica Corbellini teaching with me in this week’s session.

So there will be also a little bit of interaction, where we ask you about, your favorite business model, or the kind of company that you would like to analyze more in depth according to the different drivers of a business model.

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