Don’t let your broken heart stop you

By Kimberly Firestine

So, you got dumped, eh?

It probably felt pretty bad.

Spending just over a year with someone just to get tossed aside for another with more money and a bigger reputation can hurt. It can hurt a lot, but it’s never really the end.

When Justin Lustig was introduced as the new head football coach on Jan. 11, 2016, we called it the “Lustig Era.” Lustig spent five years in Divison I football at Ball State, but only one year at Edinboro in Divison II. Transforming the team from an 0–11 mockery to a respected 9–2, Lustig and his coaching staff did their job and did it well. It’s no surprise that when his resignation was announced a mere 14 months after joining the team that it was met with shock, disappointment and some criticism.

While Lustig is leaving a hole that fans of Edinboro Football thought would be filled for quite some time, the players — except for graduating seniors — and remaining coaching staff are still there, if they choose to be. There’s still a class of 20+ recruits waiting to put on their Fighting Scots football uniforms and become part of this community, though some may change their minds and go elsewhere following Lustig’s departure. Those that stick with Edinboro may need a constant reminder why they made that decision, and that’s okay.

For the players, the important part now is to believe that you can still be that 9–2 team. Even better is knowing that you still have the power and talent to take that 9–2 and improve upon it. Go 10–1 in 2017. Win the PSAC West. Go 11–0 and finish what you started. Know that you had it in you to make it that far and do that well the whole time. Lustig was the spark, but the team was the fire.

Coaches come and go in sports. It’s just the way things work out. Lustig leaving for Syracuse University doesn’t have to be the end for the greatest turnaround in Division II football history. The clock doesn’t have to strike 12 just yet. The Cinderella story doesn’t have to end here.

You know what you’re capable of, so do it.

We wish nothing but success for Coach Lustig at Syracuse.

Kimberly Firestine is the arts editor for The Spectator. She can be reached at

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