Introducing Editional

Create, discover, and claim blockchain collectibles on your iPhone

Today we’re excited to release Editional on the iOS app store! Editional is the first mobile app that lets anyone create and discover blockchain collectibles.

A network of creators and collectors

Editional lets you create new collectibles as easily as you create any other kind of content: with your phone’s camera or photo album. The twist is that, since these are ownable items, you get to set how many editions of your collectible will be made avaiable to other Editional users. The default is 5, but it can be as many as 99 or as few as 2.

Once created, your followers are notified and if you created something people want, there’s rush to claim an edition before they’re all gone.

As an owner, you get rights to the Edition and a more persistant relationship with the creator. You also get the right to resell the your collectibles on other blockchain applications like opensea through our app partner connections.

The NFT collectible as a media format

Collectibles created and available on Editional

Maybe you’ve heard of NFTs and some of the theories about its future as a format, or maybe you saw some news about the first NFT event in NYC?

If not, here’s the short version:

NFTs are an extension of existing media formats that permit digital ownership.

That means that a digital collectible NFT can look like a photo, video, or really any media type, but unlike your average photo on the internet, you can actually own a digital collectible. That ownership is stored and secured on the blockchain.

Blockchain? But I don’t have any Bitcoin!

That’s OK because Editional doesn’t require you to have any cryptocurrency to participate. We use the blockchain to secure ownership but you can create, claim, discover, and transfer collectibles on Editional for free!

Download it today!

Editional is available NOW on the iOS App Store.