10 Popular Creators on Editional

Fanny Lakoubay
Jun 11, 2019 · 2 min read

We are loving the active community of artists who emerged on Editional.

For those who are getting started with the Editional app, we want to share 10 popular creators to follow.

Be fast to claim their work as they are gone in seconds!

Tell us in comments who your favorite creators are…

Yrdqz (2006 collectibles)

[…] Self-portrait. by yrdgz , edition 1/5— view on Editional

Jbrukh (1401 collectibles)

“tomorrow’s disaster #2” #jakebrukhman #2019 by Jbrukh, edition 1/4— view on Editional

Pointshark (1034 collectibles)

Markup art[3] by pointshark , edition 1/5— view on Editional

Mightymoose (606 collectibles)

80sV0rt3x by Mightymoose, edition 1/3 — view on editional

Noodl (518 collectibles)

nfinit by Noodl, edition 1/3 - view on Editional

Osavage (511 collectibles)

RPC by osavage, edition 1/5 — view on Editional

mera (363 collectibles)

Hand 15 by mera , edition 1/10 — view on Editional

mr.monk (356 collectibles)

PINK by mr.monk, edition 1/7 — view on Editional

wgmeets (151 collectibles)

Every1 by wgmeets , edition 1/5 — view on Editional

mil (81 collectibles)

Art Show by Mil, edition 1/10 — view on Editional

Follow these artists and claim their next works on Editional app: https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1458504953?mt=8

Let us know what you think and join the discussion:

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