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Sarah Toporoff
Sep 22, 2016 · 2 min read

Hawkeye is a video platform that maps multiple live streams and videos shot by reporters that are covering an event on the ground. It provides its users with a new multi-perspective storytelling experience and thus a more complete view of the unfolding event. The prototype led the team from Caixin to victory at the Hong Kong Editors Lab.

The Caixin Vislab team from left to right: Chunyuan Wei, Yuan Ren, Meng Wei

The platform also allows the users to interact with the reporters, send them questions and ask them to shoot from different locations or different angles. Users become part of the reporting process, they are more engaged and the reports are better tailored to their actual needs.

According to the team, “Hawkeye is a map-based live streaming tool for:

  • Journalists who value timeliness in breaking news reporting
  • Editors who want to build an eye-catching multimedia web page on a location-based story
  • Viewers who want to interact with the reporter and be part of the news gathering process
  • Citizens who would like to participate in finding news clues.”
Screen cap of the prototype

“Caixin combined maps, professional video, contributed video and an appealing interface to tell stories in a new way,” said David Schlesinger, member of the jury. “The potential for interactivity, too, could turn news editing on its head. This project has real applicability for covering natural disasters, civic emergencies, protests, demonstrations — any story, in fact, where the action is dispersed and it is important to understand the geography of the emerging narrative.”

Hawkeye was fully-functional at the Editors Lab since they livestreamed their pitch on their platform. See the project presentation

Caixin plans to make it available on a larger scale in the future to aid their newsroom in future news reporting.

Editors Lab Impact

Prototyping the future of news

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Editors Lab Impact

Prototyping the future of news

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