By Uziel Torres

Can Lovers Still Be Friends After a Breakup?

Being Friends with your Ex doesn’t mean that you are giving him/ her a hope to be part of your life again. Even though you remain friends after all, there will be certain limitations, even the way you communicate with your ex, will suddenly change. It is because you are trying to establish the friendship and not beyond that. Sometimes it has something to do with having the proper closure after the break up and you finally move on with your life.

There are some cases where in some people couldn’t let go of their Ex because they value too much what they have been through being together as partner. Some might question “If you can’t let go then why did you broke up” — well in that point, it doesn’t mean that you still in love with that person you have to stay in the relationship because sometimes it is better for you to be friends than lovers and better to end the relationship in good faith than separate in a worst situation.

It is hard to fully let go sometimes, especially if the relationship began with a friendship. It’s not about we are afraid of losing the person itself to our life that is why we chose to be friends but it is all about the foundation of friendship that you have established even before you became lovers. You do not want to completely ruin what you had just because a romantic relationship didn’t work out.

I believe that as we mature we learn to overcome having failed relationship. It is true that we usually undergo different stages such as denial stage where in you really cannot accept that it’s over, anger and bitterness because you will suddenly realize that there is a much better person to you and you think that you did all your best to save the relationship etc. until you finally reach the acceptance stage. But with all of these stages you will suddenly realize that you also benefit from that break up. That you’ve learned from it and you became a better person after all the pain. We also hope for all the best thing for our ex that he/she may find their happiness in life.

Yes, it is still possible for the ex-couple to be friends but it will take time. Some people move on from a breakup fast and easy, others take weeks, months, sometimes even years to get over the person that they were with. Usually it depends on what kind of relationship you had with your Ex. There are so many reasons why relationship ended up, it could be Family issue, mutual agreement, suddenly fell out of love, time, priority, Third Party, etc. But with all of these reasons time will come and pain will be healed. The only matter is that we learned to Forgive and move on in life.

Sometimes you have to do the right thing even if it hurts. At the end it is our choice to be happy in life and suffering is just an option.

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