Dear Kuya EDI

Dear Kuya EDI,

I am Eric, an OFW working here in the Middle East for about a year. I am married, with a two year old son.

I just want to seek for your advice concerning a problem in terms of budgeting my finances.

When I was still working in the Philippines, my small income was just enough to support my family. But now that I started working abroad and receiving higher income, I noticed that my wife has higher expenses and only to find out that there is no more left to spend.

What must I do to manage my money?

Yours truly,



Dear Eric,

First of all I would like to thank you for sharing your story.

As a father and a family provider, you must talk to your wife and establish your goals. You should remind her that your job abroad is temporary and it is essential that you must have savings. Know how to spend your money wisely and differentiate needs and wants before buying things. It is important to save and invest for the future. I suggest you follow this simple budgeting formula:

· 15% of Monthly Salary goes to Savings (deposit it in bank account)

· 65% of Monthly Salary goes to your Family

· 20% of Monthly Salary goes to your personal needs

· Overtime Pay goes to your Wants and Luxury

I hope this will help you with your financial problem.

Sincerely yours,

Kuya EDI

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