Dear Kuya EDI,

Dear Kuya EDI,

My name is Ricardo, an overseas Filipino worker here in the Middle East and it’s my first time to work outside the country.

I just want to ask for your advice regarding my problem in terms of socializing to different nationalities.

Since it’s my first time to work abroad, adapting to a different culture is difficult for me, much more when it comes to interacting with people from different countries. I am having a lot of trouble in expressing myself when I am with my co-workers belonging to different nationalities because I always think that they will not understand me.

What do you think I must do in order to overcome my current situation?

Sincerely yours,



Dear Ricardo,

I just want to thank you first for sharing your story and the problem that you are currently facing.

As a ‘newbie’ in working abroad, you have to show respect to the country where you’ll be staying during your employment. Study and devote time to learn their culture.

Always be mindful of proper ways of interaction. You have to observe a tactful manner of expressing yourself with colleagues and the locals.

According to Kakuzo Okakaura, the art of life is a constant re-adjustment to our surroundings.

I hope this advice will help you figure out the best decision to improve your situation.

Yours truly,

Kuya EDI


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