EDI Employees Graduate from the Breakthrough Development Program (BDP)

By Donnah Flores

The Breakthrough Development Program is a three-hour, once a week training sponsored by John Clements Consultants using materials from the Harvard Business Publishing. This 9-session course is open to all interested employees of John Clements.

Facilitators and discussion leaders in this program were comprised of senior managers and leaders of the company. The program’s aim is to accelerate the critical thinking capabilities of new employees as well as to imbibe the company’s core values.

“Having enrolled in BDP was a challenging but a rewarding experience for me. Not just that I needed to read case studies, answer online modules, participate in the class, but the flexibility in doing all those things plus your office work were all the challenges; nonetheless the bond among participants, and the learning that I gained throughout the sessions were all rewarding and worth it.” Janine Concepcion - Recruitment Consultant

“BDP was fun yet full of learning.It teaches you how to be a good leader.” Arnulfo Soller -Recruitment Consultant

“I must say that graduating in BDP is one of the major turning point of my life personally and professionally in particular. It was a great experience learning and competing with different kinds and levels of people with what perspective they have in a certain situation and it is very entertaining and at the same time, helped me to have the idea to fill out all the rooms that I need for my improvement. I personally enjoyed the lesson of Time Management. Given the workloads and demands of the clients are very tough and stressing especially if it happens all at the same time. By the help of what I have learned, I can now face the challenges that might come my way without stressing myself.” Allan James Ojales - Recruitment Consultant

It was indeed a memorable day for our BDP graduates.


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