Why I Want to Work Abroad

Compiled By Donnah Rose Marie Flores

I want to work abroad because I find it necessary to fulfill my dreams and support my family needs. Working locally is not enough to pay for monthly expenses and save a little amount of money. I also believe that working overseas will help me develop my technical and management skills in Mechanical Engineering by acquiring training programs and by working with professional employees from different countries. TRISTAN IGNACIO - MECHANICAL ENGINEER, SANKYU SAUDI ARABIA
I want to work abroad for career advancement and opportunities, to be able to learn and understand a variety of human societies and cultures and of course, for financial stability.
There are two main reasons why I would like to work overseas. First is to fully support my family’s needs. Second is to expand my knowledge, abilities and grow my career. Working overseas will surely give me the experience I need to meet my goals in life plus the experience of witnessing the wonders and beauty of different places in the world. JAYSON FADERANGA - SOFTWARE AND APPLICATION PROGRAMMER, RECRUIT IT
I want to work abroad so I could reach financial independence. I could then have more quality time with my family by retiring early.
I don’t have to worry about money to spend even when I get old . I want to earn more money to save and invest for my future. I need to work smart to save enough money for the educational plans of my future children. One way to achieve all of these is by working overseas. Before, I have no plans of working abroad. Then one time one agency called me for an interview for job in K.S.A. I realized working abroad allows me to travel and I can earn more, then I decided to pursue. God really gives what He knows the best for us. “Don’t aim for success; just do what you love and enjoy, and it will come naturally. Trust God.” MICHAEL JAMES GRAJO - ADMIN ASSISTANT, SANKYU SINGAPORE
“I want to work overseas because I need to support my family and the schooling of my children. I also want to gather more experience and ideas in foreign countries as it will help me grow as a person and as a professional carpenter.” - Raffy Esmaña, Tech5 Carpenter - Auckland, New Zealand
“I want to work overseas because I really have a big dream for my family. I want to give the best education to my children for their future. I’m working hard for them so I have to work abroad because if will stay here in the Philippines, it would not be enough to suffice the needs for my family’s future.” - Rino Mahinay, Tech5 Carpenter - Auckland, New Zealand.


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