Yellow Claw Trio Talk Jamaica & Attracting Older Fans To Dance Music

If you are into the heavier side of Dance Music, you would no doubt have heard of YellowClaw. Their mixes and releases are much looked forward to by die hard fans of Trap, Moombahton and Hardstyle all over the world. We were super happy to have a chat with them ahead of their Blood For Mercy release on November 20th.

EDM Republic: What made you guys come together as a trio ?

Yellow Claw: Touring the world on your own seemed lonely. This is way way way more fun.

EDM Republic: How would you guys compare the Amsterdam trap music scene to the general Dance Music scene?

Yellow Claw: Thriving!! More and more young producers catch our eye while making music that’s super creative to us. And it’s making us very happy. In a way I guess we showed them that you can also make a living making music other then the 128 bpm stuff. And we’re kind off proud of that.

EDM Republic: What motivates you guys to keep having such a unique style and to be constantly using different influences?

Yellow Claw: I guess we are easily bored so we like to keep things interesting. Because of that we’re always looking for something that’s new or that we didn’t do yet.


EDM Republic: What would you say was the best set you guys have ever played?

YellowClaw: Too many good ones! 2015 was a blessed year for us with an array of mindblowing shows. Coachella, EDC Vegas, the Mad Decent block parties; just to name a few.

EDM Republic: How would you compare the scene now to when you guys first started out?

Yellow Claw: More people doing Bass, Trap, whatever you like calling it. Which we think is cool and good for the industry. Keeps everybody sharp and focused.

EDM Republic: What do you guys think can be done to improve the scene to attract new fans and such?

Yellow Claw: Almost nobody is focusing on the elderly/65+ EDM fans. We need a way to get to them. They are a offline crowd in an online scene so we need to be really creative.

EDM Republic: Advice for any young dj or producer trying to making it in the industry today?

Yellow Claw: Make cool music!

EDM Republic: What was the theme behind your recent Summer EP ‘EastZane Warriors’ with Dirtcaps, Alvaro and Jay Cosmic?

Yellow Claw: We build a studio with Dirtcaps in a bungalow one week when we felt like a chance of scenery. This is what we made.

EDM Republic: Are you looking forward to working with any Dancehall artists other than Beenie Man in the near future?

Yellow Claw: We love that sound. So yes, we are hoping to visit a place like Jamaica soon too.

EDM Republic: How would you compare fans from North America to fans in Europe?

Yellow Claw: Every crowd is different around the world. It’s keeps things interesting for a DJ. It keeps pushing you to put in the work to get a crowd going.

Originally published at on November 6, 2015.