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How Blockchain Can Help You Increase Placement In Your College?

Blockchain technology has become one of the most promising technologies in today’s era. This revolutionary technology is being rapidly adopted by Industries, Corporates, and Organisations from all over the world but our modern education system still lags when it comes to adopt new technologies in the curriculum. There are very few students and professionals who have heard about this technology but whether we know it or not, we all are becoming the part of this blockchain revolution.

In little time, Blockchain can Help you Increase Placement In your College.

It is a matter of deep concern that the futuristic technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning, AI, IOT are still not welcomed by our modern education system. Some colleges have just stepped up by adding blockchain technology as a part of their study curriculum but they are not in every student’s reach. Even after over 10 years of Blockchain technology invention, there is still a lack of comprehensive and career-oriented courses and tutorials for anyone who wants to learn Blockchain technology in deep.


Blockchain the revolutionary technology came into the picture through a white paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto, which is a pseudonym. Initially, it was the technology behind the digital currency, Bitcoin, which is nothing but a form of digital currency(Cryptocurrency) which can be used in place of Fiat money for trading but it has opened up other avenues of its use across the internet. Don Tapscott definition provides a nice concise description:

The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.

The beauty of Blockchain Technology is decentralization and immutability which make it transparent and secure. The data in a blockchain is stored in ‘blocks’. This Data is being replicated many times across the networks around the globe thus making hacking and corrupting of data next to impossible.

In simple terms, Blockchain technology can be explained as multiple blocks that are connected with each other in a chain. Here, all the blocks will be linked to the previous block and the block in front of it. Moreover, all the blocks in that chain contain some form of data, and the chain represents the linking structure.


Importance of Blockchain technology in College.

Blockchain is the most cutting-edge technology of these days. It has provided a secure and transparent way for performing global transactions involving the digital assets and thus has revolutionized many of the businesses in various industries. This is one of the big reasons why Blockchain is in high demand.

Nowadays there is considerable demand for jobs related to Blockchain technology and in a nutshell, the Blockchain education will not only prepare you for the market but would also help you get a high paying job as soon as you leave the College. It’s here only a student can grasp the concepts of blockchain to build the foundation for a great future in this industry. Today As more and more companies are experimenting with this technology to increase their business productivity and efficiency. The demand for Blockchain developers, Analysts and programmers are increasing day by day. As per the data by leading job sites, the average salary of Blockchain developer is nearly two to three times more than the salary of a regular software developer.

How Blockchain can help you INCREASE PLACEMENT IN COLLEGE?

After completing any college course the foremost thing every student looks for is placement as everyone wants to get placed in their dream company as soon as possible and boosts their career and achieve their goals. This is the reason why campus placements play a major role in every student’s life.

The primary goal of any campus placements conducted by organizations is to identify skilled and qualified professionals. The Training and Placement Cells at colleges acts as a body responsible to make students job-ready before they complete their graduation. This is achieved by providing necessary skill development training programs to orient them towards the industry and workplace.

To keep your students up-to-date with the skills & knowledge on trending Blockchain technology, its employment opportunities, and to be able to crack interviews before completion of academic, blockchain training would serve as the right program for your students before getting ready for campus recruitment or placement session.

It’s a myth going around in the country that the blockchain market is just for coders but it is not like that There are many positions available in blockchain industry than can be filled by almost every student of any department or stream they belong too.

Every position of this blockchain industry you can imagine is in demand: content writers, community managers, sales executives, project managers, accounting, UI/UX… if you can think of it, someone surely would be hiring for it. BLockchain training can help you with those vacant jobs get filled by candidates from your college. Not only blockchain developers are in huge demand but also they are paid hell more than regular developers. On average, a blockchain developer is paid an average 140% more than a normal developer. So get your college enrolled in one of the blockchain training programs and use the power of blockchain to increase your on-campus placements like never before.

Companies hiring range from small remote teams to VC-funded startups to industry leaders and tech giants. A report by TheNextWeb’s Hard Fork indicates that behemoth companies like IBM, Ernst & Young, and Oracle are aggressively pursuing hiring for blockchain-related roles, while blockchain-centric companies like ConsenSys, Ripple, and Axiom Zen are competing with the big players in attracting the best talent.

Research shows that there is high demand for blockchain in the market. Below are some of the reports attached which would let you know the blockchain skills in demand

According to AngelList, salaries for technical jobs in the blockchain industry outweigh equivalent roles in the non-blockchain organization, highlighting the high demand for practical blockchain knowledge already. Concurrently, non-technical jobs in the blockchain industry also outrank similar roles in non-blockchain companies.

Graphical Data Of technical and non-technical.

The Hard Fork report in March stated that the United States leads globally for blockchain jobs:

Glassdoor is currently advertising a total of 5,711 blockchain jobs globally. Currently, US employers account for around half of those, with 2,616 vacancies on offer. The UK is the runner-up with 1,015 blockchain-related job ads, followed by India with 257 vacancies.”

“Technology hubs like Bengaluru and Hyderabad continue to lead, while the national capital region is also seeing a fair share of interest in the sector. With the global market for blockchain-related products and services is expected to reach USD 7.7 billion in 2022, there are sure to be even more jobs created in the sector in the future,” Indeed India Managing Director Sashi Kumar said.

As per the leading report was done by a job portal company, with the government’s approach towards understanding and exploring the possible applications of blockchain technology, India can look forward to positive growth and development in the sector. Projects like NITI Aayog’s pilot project, IndiaChain would also help in generating job opportunities in the blockchain sector.

“While we still have a lot to learn about blockchain technology, given the enormous scope of its application, interest for blockchain roles is here to stay,” said Sashi Kumar, Managing Director, Indeed India.

According to Indeed, the number of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related jobs posted on the Indeed website witnessed a significant jump in the latter half of 2017. There were a significant number of job openings for roles such as blockchain developer, blockchain system architect, blockchain software engineer, among others.

Source: Indeed report on Financial express

The below figure shows what are the required skills needed by the Indian students so that they get a high placed job. This is the reason the Blockchain training came into the picture to make the students well enriched with these skills.

Blockchain can help you Increase placement in your college.

There are few platforms and applications where students can learn career-ready blockchain courses at the college level like Udemy, Upgrade, Blockgeeks, Ednerds and many more. But maximum of them impart online courses but Ednerds is one of that platform which goes to college.

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Tips to Improve College Placement


EDNERDS is that e-learning platform designed for imparting blockchain education to students at all levels. This platform is having pre-designed, systematic blockchain courses which can be directly incorporated into the professional curriculum of colleges & schools. To expand convenient and affordable blockchain education to more students worldwide, EDNERDS is forming partnerships with colleges for integrating blockchain into their curriculum. Are you looking to integrate blockchain education to your college/school curriculum? Contact US NOW.



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