We have a few new Experience Consultants starting this month, so I asked the team which books had helped them most in their UX careers. Here are five of my favourites:

Mike Dunn
Mike Dunn
Jan 8 · 2 min read

Don’t Make Me Think — Steve Krug

This is one of the classic introductions to UX and is worth reading in its entirety (it’s an easy read).

Design Is A Job — Mike Monteiro

Mike Monteiro explains that doing design isn’t some mystical art, it’s helping a client solve a problem (and getting paid to do it).

The Edo bookshelf.

Researching UX — Emma Howell & James Lang

A really simple step-by-step guide to planning, running and analysing a research project. I think this might be one of the most useful UX guides out there.

Information Architecture: For The Web and Beyond

The seminal book about IA.

Sprint: How To Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days — Jake Knapp

We’ve done many variations on the 5 day ‘Google Sprint’ over the years. This book gives you the how and the why of the ‘official’ approach.

There are loads of other great books that didn’t make this list, and I’d love to hear your recommendations too. If you’d like to talk books or anything else, drop me a line on Twitter.

Edo Insights

Ideas and thoughts from the Experience team at Edo.

Mike Dunn

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Mike Dunn

User experience, service design, and the future of work. http://mkdnn.com | http://twitter.com/mikedunn | http://twitter.com/WeReinventWork

Edo Insights

Ideas and thoughts from the Experience team at Edo.

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