Why did you decide to join EDOCODE? : Episode 3-Enni, a engineer-

Reiko Tsuzuki
Sep 25, 2020 · 2 min read

I asked Enni about her experience of becoming an engineer in Japan and what she thinks about diversity.

Why did you become an engineer at EDOCODE?

While studying linguistics in graduate school, I also touched on artificial language and became interested in the job of an engineer there. However, although I was very interested in it, I also thought that it would be difficult because I have no experience in engineering. That’s why, when I was looking for a job, I applied for sales, and product managers.

Actually, I applied for EDOCODE as a product manager. Then, I talked about my interest in being an engineer during an interview, and the hiring manager suggested to me to be an engineer after I had a job offer! I was glad that he listened to me properly. I remember that he came all the way to my university cafeteria to talk to me about it.

The majority of engineers are men with science backgrounds, but how about actually working now?

In fact, I have never felt the gender gap in EDOCODE because I am a woman. Also, regarding the “inexperienced” part, the support of the surrounding members is great, and I really appreciate it. Everyone kindly teaches me and it’s easy to consult.

By the way, when I first joined the company, I was really nervous about the culture of openness. There was a gap because I had an image that Japanese companies had a strict hierarchy. After talking about various things in the retrospective meeting and the shuffle lunch time, I feel like I’ve developed a relationship of trust and now I can talk comfortably.

Finally, please tell us what EDOCODE is and what kind of people you recommend.

The charm of EDOCODE is that everyone listens properly. I think it’s good to have a relationship of trust where you can say your opinions without fear, even if you say “may be wrong but maybe right”.
I recommend EDOCODE for those who like communication. Also, I think those who are tolerant of various cultures, religions, races, and countries are suitable.