Hello there, we are eDot. Nice to meet you.

So, let’s get right down to it: what is eDot?

In simple terms eDot is connecting the dots between innovation and investment. We invest, we develop, and we advise. eDot understands that the development requirements for each startup is not a “one size fits all model”. As we all know connecting the various intricate dots when building your startup is an arduous task, at the best of times. eDot’s strong network of international and local investors endeavors to find matches between investors and investees bringing foreign investment into Irish and European startups.

eDot believes in Ireland and thinks that this is the most hospitable country in the world for entrepreneurs and startups. Ireland in a post-Brexit economy is the only country in the EU to speak English, has a highly educated workforce and is well known for its welcoming atmosphere. Running alongside all of those advantages Dublin homes a rich and vibrant tech ecosystem that is evolving and changing rapidly, as all good tech ecosystems do.

Ireland houses 80% of global tech companies EU headquarters: Google, Facebook, Intel, Apple and Linkedin (to name but a few). The startup, SaaS and innovation community is palpable.

We stand on the shoulders of giants in the ecosystem we have in Dublin and eDot thinks that there this place can be heart of innovation development, investment and SaaS in Europe. So from our busy open plan office on the skirts of Silicon Docks we litter our walls with plans, schemes and the next steps playing our own role in shaping the future of tech in Ireland, and globally.

In the shadow of the new Twitter HQ that is being built in Dublin’s Silicon Docks a more modest office, 22/23 Cumberland Street South, is where we call home. From the street you can look into all of our office. What is going on in here, we think, is a little bit special.

eDot was created by Webfactory’s former Director and Owner, Alan Devlin; described by the eir Spider awards “all round online genius” and Kieran Sweeney; former Projects Director at Version 1 who was instrumental in the growth of the company from 100 to 750 people and winning numerous awards including Deloitte’s award for Best Managed company for 5 years running. United by their mutual passion for innovative tech they joined forces to create a vehicle for growing ideas into seriously good businesses. After working with 300 companies between them, their goal to populate the SaaS market with innovative digital tools that outperform in their market is a modest ask.

The vision: we want to develop the startups on our books to the highest international level. We have identified many things that are stopping our ecosystem in Ireland from preforming on a global stage. Startups need customized advice, which often a uniformed program cannot identify. Whether we use our own fund, international investors or local investors all of the investees that are associated with eDot get the best hands on experience. eDot provides access to expert, focused help in creative, marketing, development, finance and business management. We believe in a bespoke and individualized approach to the various needs of each of our startups to extenuate their innate potential.

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