Welcome to My Classroom!


Martin Perez, 2nd Grade, School Year 2021–2022.

A little bit about Mr. Perez! I was born are raised in New Braunfels , Texas where I have spent my whole life living here. I am 22 years old, gaining my Bachelor’s degree from Texas State University. I am come from a Hispanic background, and the inclusion of my culture, will be very prevalent in my room. I carry personal experiences from my cultural background that I would love to share with your students this year! In my spare time I love watching sports, listening to music, and playing video games. I strive myself in ensuring that students are maximizing their full potential in my classroom. Every day is a new chance for students to achieve something they did not the day before. The inclusivity in my classroom will put each student on the right path for them to succeed. Please do not hesitate to reach out to out to me with any questions or concerns (:

Email: mperez0459@school.com

Phone: 123–456–7890

Office Hours: 12:00–1:15

Class Theme: Inclusion! Please take the time to watch this video with your students sometime before the first Friday of the school year!

The idea of inclusion can range in interpretation depending on who is looking at it. For students, it is merely the idea of playing with students or not, something on a smaller scale. The idea of including this as our class theme this year will allow for the students to fully understand the concept of embracing and accepting anyone. Individuality and Identity is something that I hope by the end of the year, students will be fully confident in being able to relay to you the parents, what inclusion means.