10 Facts about English You Never Knew Before

English is perhaps the most widely spoken language in the world, right after Mandarin. In fact, it is the only language that is the official language in most of the countries, more than any other language. We all know how popular it is and because of its wide presence, English has many dialects also — based on the regions. But did you ever pause for a moment in your daily conversation and thought what is the dot on the head of the alphabet ‘i’ called? Or, which is the shortest sentence in English? If these questions made you curious to know the answers, then take a look at this article. We bring you some amazing and lesser known facts about English that you might have never came across before.

  • The oldest word in English language which is still in use is ‘Town’.
  • The dot on top of the English alphabets ‘i’ and ‘j’ in lowercase is called the ‘tittle’.
  • The word ‘Go’ is the shortest sentence in English? Now, just count the number of times you say the smallest sentence in a day.
  • Palindromes are words or phrases in the language that can be interpreted in the same manner when written in both forward and reverse order. Words like ‘Madam’ and ‘Malayalam’. Phrases like ‘Never odd or even’ are best examples of palindromes.
  • You can actually make ten words without any kind of rearrangement from the word ‘therein’. Try. We will help you with the answers- the, here, rein, in, there, he, ere, herein, therein, her.
  • When you say ‘almost’, did you ever notice that all the letters in the word are in alphabetical order? Check again, they are indeed. In fact, it is the longest word in the English to have the particular arrangement of words.
  • The origin of the word ‘alphabet’ is traced back to the first two Greek alphabet letters, ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’.
  • There are only two words in English language that end with ‘gry’ — ‘hungry’ and ‘angry’.
  • Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Yes, that’s a word and according to the Oxford English Dictionary, it’s the longest word in the language pointing to a lung disease that causes inflammation when fine silica dust is inhaled.
  • Can you find any other words in the English language rhyming with ‘silver’, ‘orange’ and ‘purple’? Probably not, because there aren’t any such rhyming words in English language.

These are just a few of the amusing facts that most of us surely didn’t known earlier. English, the most widely spoken language is also the main language used in computers around the world with almost 80% of the information stored in English. Amazing, isn’t it?

Originally published at www.edtechboard.com on August 17, 2013.

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