Lets Play Maths with MangaHigh

When it comes to learning maths, students can be a bit indolent. The reason may be as simple as their apathy towards it and as a result teaching them maths itself becomes tough for teachers. Of course you do get a plethora of learning techniques and resources from the internet to teach but it fails to capture the attention of students, which makes them bored and run away from learning.

On the other hand, children are always interested in playing videogames and its proven that they allot their complete skills and reflexes when it comes to gaming and in the process and end up spending hours on it. It’s fun for them. So wouldn’t it be great to blend games and maths together to teach and learn?

Enter Mangahigh, an online maths resource which uses fun games helping children learn without realising it. Designed and developed by Toby Rowland of Blue Duck Education, Mangahigh makes use of innovative and fun online Flash based web games and takes learning maths to the next level. Mangahigh has tons of fun activities like quizzes and games which can be taught to kids between the ages of 7 to 16, covering the full school curriculum.

Teachers can easily setup an account/free school and start creating classes, pick out a lesson and assign it to a class or a particular student. The challenge comes up on the students’ to-do list and they can start playing. The account comes packed with student competition, data and analytics to track your students progress. All the student data is stored online and it makes grading and marking a piece of cake thus getting rid of the tiresome paperwork. Students can also compete within their class or other schools. Mangahigh even helps to identify students who are performing great and the ones that are struggling. According to research using Mangahigh helps students to achieve improved test scores up to 50% and also boosts their confidence and ability.

The games features rich graphics and sounds to keep children interested and enable them to grasp difficult concepts in an instant. Apart from games and quizzes Mangahigh also packs a lot of features like the Gradebook which allows teachers to see how all the students are doing across the curriculum topics in a jiffy and also a News feed which offers a feed on class performance to the teachers. Rest assured, with Mangahigh, instead of chasing students to learn maths, students will be chasing you eager to learn more maths. And yet again Mangahigh proves that learning can be a fun thing than a chore. What’s more, Mangahigh’s basic package is 100% free.

Check them out and learn some maths!


Originally published at www.edtechboard.com on August 1, 2013.