2016 in Review

If you want to get your gadget or service reviewed on Tech Trends, here’s what to do (and what not to)

Over the past year we’ve featured an amazing range of things on the site, but we’re just getting started, since Tech Trends is less than a year old (our birthday is actually coming up on the 11th January, precious) from digital literacy toys like the Sphero Robot and Technology Will Save Us Kits to power banks, standing desks and Bluetooth wearable headphones.

We get pitched a lot of stuff, and that is fine, because the main criteria I use is generally whether a piece of technology is useful or interesting to people, whether they consider themselves “techies” or not. That’s a pretty darn broad scope. But this post relates specifically to those looking to land a hardware review post, providing some top-level guidelines that should tell you whether it’s worth getting in touch or not.

1 — Samples

That’s pretty essential I’m afraid. We love to get great images, video and description in a pitch, but if you want me to write a review of your product, we will need to get our hands on it. So if it’s in a conceptual prototype stage, or you don’t have enough samples to post, that’s not going to work, as we’d just be repeating what you told us rather than conveying our own experience of the product to our readers. For postage purposes we’re based in the UK, and we generally keep the samples. It’s not a profit-making enterprise but the hassle of sending them back is just not worth it, and hopefully we like your gadget enough so that we’ll be using it and showing our friends for years to come.

2 — Where will it be featured?

While I do freelance for a lot of other publications, those pieces are generally not straight product reviews. If your product is cool and we like it, we’ll feature it right here on Tech Trends.

3 — Any guarantees?

Like most things in life, alas, no. Sending us something does not guarantee a review. Generally we do try to get back to you with some constructive feedback if we don’t feel able to feature your product. It also might take a while, as we have a lot of posts to get through and there are only so many hours in the day. And while I do love gadgets as much as the next girl, I can’t spend all my time playing.

Some things are also just not a fit for a standalone tech post, but I still like them, and so they might sneak in an honorary mention somewhere. For example, a while back I got sent this Couch Coaster, and as someone who works from home and generally perches in sofas a lot with her laptop, I do find it quite useful:

Originally published at Alice Bonasio.