Infographic: Digital Transformation

What sectors are embracing digital transformation and which are lagging behind?

This infographic by Ovum shows that sectors such as telecoms and banking are most advanced in terms of adopting digital transformation.

The company’s annual survey of ICT decision-makers across 14 industries indicates that fewer than 10% of enterprises have achieved their digital transformation goals.

6,300 interviews were conducted globally, asking senior ICT executives to rate their organisations against nine steps identified as key to digital transformation.

These ranged from tackling cybersecurity, to developing digital skills, creating the necessary organisation structure & culture, to digitizing processes, creating digital services, to having a clearly articulated digital strategy.

Ovum created a digital maturity index aggregating progress by enterprises in each vertical across the nine steps. While the telecoms sector was most advanced, the overall level of digital maturity is low, with its index score currently at 43.9%, with banking next at 42%; many providers in both sectors are still at early stages or mid-stream levels across most of steps. Indeed, across the enterprises surveyed, only 8% consider themselves to have achieved transformation, and only a fraction over 16% believe they are well-advanced.

The ICT Enterprise Insights program also examined the role of enabling digital technologies in path to digital transformation, including Big Data, blockchain, IoT, platform architecture/APIs, artificial intelligence (AI), and microservices. Here, enterprises are most advanced in adoption of Big Data and API-based architectures with close to 40% of enterprises actively trialing or deploying these areas.

Microservices and IoT were found to be less advanced in terms of active deployment, but still 50% of respondents were planning or considering these in future. In contrast, much-hyped technologies such as AI and blockchain were much less developed.

Header Image Credit: Cerillion

Originally published at Tech Trends.