Infographic: How Much are Tech Fails Worth Today?

As any entrepreneur will tell you, failing is an essential part of the technology ecosystem, and the quicker the pace of advance, the faster an innovation can go from darling child to forgotten footnote

The infographic below digs up some of the bigger flops of the past few years, which have crashed and burned — or merely fizzled out after much initial hype and widespread buzz.

Those involved in the latest Tech Trends might do well to study some of this recent history, lest they fall into the trap of making some of the same mistakes . VR, I’m looking at you…

Looking at how some of this doomed hardware has actually increased in value is also a reminder that mistakes are often a booster as far as collectability is concerned — from wrongly printed stamps to awkward mobile phones, failure can be a relative concept and value is in the eye of the beholder. Makes you wonder what an Oculus might sell for in 20 years’ time.

How Much Are Tech’s Biggest Failures Worth Today? — An infographic by the team at

Originally published at Tech Trends.

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