Looking for the Best Anti-Snore Technology

Calling all SnoreTech companies out there to save my sleep, my sanity and my marriage.

I don’t know what Donald Trump’s excuse is, but whenever I find myself tweeting something incoherent at around 3 in the mornings it’s usually because my husband’s snoring has woken me up yet again, and continues at such jet-engine decibel levels as to quash any hope of getting back to sleep.

While I’m not sure if Melania is a chronic snorer, I do know that the problem is quite common. So it’s hardly surprising we’ve seen a spike in what I like to call “SnoreTech” products. Sleep deprivation will make you willing to try pretty much anything, and at 3 in the morning things don’t seem quite as ludicrous as they might in the cold light of day after a strong cup of Covfefe.

Over the years I pretty much worked through every over-the-counter pseudo medicinal option out there — from throat sprays to Breathe Rights, mouth guards and nose cones. And I worked my way through every conceivable variety of earplug known to man (or woman).

In this article for The Next web I set out on a mission to discover the best and latest SnoreTech out there in a bid for that good night of sleep that has been eluding my husband and I for such a long time…

Originally published at Alice Bonasio.