Making Great Design Affordable Through 3-D Printing

Designing and making customized objects for your home has traditionally been an expensive and rather exclusive process, but 3-D printing technology is set to change all that.

In this article for The Next Web I find out how a company wants to democratize design by giving any designer the tools to realize their vision through 3-D printing. And it is much faster, cheaper, and better looking than you might think.

“Customization like this opens the opportunity for a wider variety of consumers to have custom products rather than just the people that can afford an expensive artisan or crafts person,” believes Oklahoma-based designer Stacey Cole. “At our office we do a lot of custom work but it normally comes at a high price with certain restraints of the material and crafts person. Now the possibilities are faster, wider and less expensive.”

Originally published at Alice Bonasio.

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