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We’ll be dropping by Silicon Valley next month for Google I/O to check out the latest scoop from the Big G.

May is shaping up to be one heck of a busy month for Tech Trends, making us wish that we were already in a sort of post-OASIS world where we could virtually teleport ourselves to all the cool events we get invited to.

Instead, we’re boarding a good old-fashioned flying machine from Heathrow to the US West Coast — first stopping by Seattle to cover Microsoft Build — before heading off to the Bay Area for Google’s flagship developer conference in Mountain View, Google I/O.

If the highlights from last year are anything to go on, it should be good fun…

Yet it’s pretty impossible to rule Google out of that race, and we’re hoping to see some significant developments around Daydream, and/or maybe something completely different. Would be nice to be wowed.

But it would also be great to get more of a sense from Google of a strategy around, for example, using this type of technology in Education. They pioneered some interesting stuff with Google Expeditions but where do they go next?

Perhaps the answers await in Mountain View, we’ll keep you posted!

Tech Trends Google Mountain View Developer Conference IO

This year’s Google developer festival will be held May 8–10 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA. You can join in the action via livestream.

The two Keynotes and all Sessions will be livestreamed on the event website’s homepage during the three days of the festival. If you’re busy at work or on the other side of the planet with a tricky time difference, you can watch the session recordings later on the Google Developers YouTube channel.

And of course you can stay tuned right here and on our social media feeds — Follow @techtrends_tech for all the latest, and if you’re going to be over there and fancy saying hi, feel free to tweet us with the hashtag #io18

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