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WiZ Connected Smart LED Lights

WiZ lights the way ahead with its Smart IoT connected LED lamps & bulbs.

We get a lot of products to test here at Tech Trends, build your own Raspberry Pi Laptop Computers, 360 Cameras, Secure Hard Drives, Smart Watches and even the odd Lunch Box and apart from the Lunch Box it is very rare for a product to just work out of the box. I usually have to do a bit of fiddling, research online, read a pretty complex manual or at worst email the manufacturer for help but not with the WiZ connected LED lights. THEY JUST WORK!

“Patented WiZ technology lets you enjoy full control of all your lights whether it’s through WiFi, mobile data networks, the infrared remote or your existing switches. By giving you more ways to control, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to how you’d like to interact with light. WiZ lets you control your lights by rooms, individually and also by groups, so you’re not limited to the physical constraints of the electrical wiring of your lights.”

Why is this so impressive? Well, let me explain. I tested the Colours Hero & Quest lamps and the WiZ Colours Pin type bulbs, all of which offer highly customizable lighting solutions based on energy efficient LEDs packaged into attractive and functional modern designs. More on the colours and design below but it is the setup process that blew me away. Plug a WiZ lamp into the mains or twist the bulb into the ceiling socket, connect to your Wi-Fi, download the app and choose which room in the house you want to set up and hit add light.

Hit the Start scan button in the app and while it tries to connect your phone to the light via your Wi-Fi, flick the light on and off a few times till it starts pulsing and you are done. The light shows up in the designated room within your app and via the app, you have full control to set the lighting to your taste. I set up four lights in less than 10mins and three days later I am still having fun working through the options. All your setting are connected to a cloud account so you can connect to your home lighting from wherever you have an internet connection.

“Turn your lights on in your home from your office and vice versa. You can even control your WiZ locations from as far away as the moon. As long as you’ve got internet access, you can do what you want to do with your lights — even when you’re not physically there.”

All these devices can also be operated by Amazon Alexa and Google Home as well as via the handy Mobile App. But what can you do with them? Aha, this is the cool bit, you can set your light to Daylight, Warm White or Cool White, choose custom colours or pre-defined dynamic colour sets such as Party, Forest or Fireplace.

There are literally too many options to list here but whatever your mood or event the WiZ lights can be easily set to enhance your home and bring light to your day, there are even Christmas and Haloween presets that cycle through the relevant festive colours as fast or slow as you like.

“With Amazon Alexa, not only do you have the WiZ smart home skill, but you also get the WiZ custom skill (listed as “WiZ Advanced skill” on the Alexa store) to let you enjoy immersive WiZ dynamic light modes such as forest, mojito or romance. For Google, WiZ is supported by “Direct Actions”, where the Google Assistant on Google Home or your smartphone lets you control your lights in the most natural way possible — just by talking to it.”

The brightness is also customizable and night time and wake up settings can be scheduled to run at custom times. I really enjoyed playing with the WiZ lights and soon settled on the warm and comforting Fireplace setting for downstairs and the Daylight setting for the landing and office where it instantly felt brighter and less gloomy than the old-fashioned bulbs I had used. These really are fun and useful tech that just works!

“WiZ brings total flexibility with 64,000 shades of white and preset well-being modes plus 64 million colours and dynamic light presets. Your eyes deserve the right light temperature and intensity to focus on a laptop screen, read a magazine or gradually get yourself ready for bed.

RRP: WiZ Colours Hero £95.94
 RRP: WiZ Colours Quest £89.94
 RRP: WiZ Colours Pin Bulb £47.94