Yes, That’s a Christmas Drone

Christmas prep getting on top of you? Then maybe it’s time to look up to the skies for some help, and I don’t mean Santa (or Father Christmas depending on which side of the Atlantic you hail from). Drones Direct has just released a limited edition Chrismas Drone.

It features all the bells and whistles you might expect from a Christmas drone, such as a snow sprinkler, mistletoe kiss cam and tree-decorating attachments.

This festive-themed version of the Phantom 4 comes with a 2km range and build-in collision avoidance technology, which is a good job considering that it doesn’t come cheap. The discounted price on the site is still £1199.00, so hardly a stocking-filler.

That does, however, include a sprig of mistletoe and a 4K HD camera to capture those kissy moments. It’s either the ideal ice-breaker as Drones Direct claims, or it will give your gran a hell of a scare. Either way it will probably be a laugh. Whether or not that justifies the price tag, I’ll leave it for readers to decide, but I did at least enjoy the video, and it’s a silly time of year, so #MerryChristmas one and all!

Originally published at Alice Bonasio.