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Editor’s Pick: Eddemy

Eddemy wins EdTechX Jakarta

Recently we had the first Ecosystem Event in our EdTechX Asia Tour in Jakarta Indonesia. The Crowned winner and first Super League contender was Eddemy, who focus on data analytics in K12. We spoke with Kingsen Yan to hear more about what they have achieved so far and what is next in store…

What was the inspiration behind starting Eddemy?

While volunteering as teachers in local villages and small towns across Indonesia, we realised there was a really big problem that needs more attention, especially in schools. Principals are confused about what needs to be done, with no data or tools to support then. While they have a good understanding as to what needs to be achieved, the opportunities for improvement is limited. That’s why we decided to create an EdTech solution that is simple and low cost but will help them make better decisions in schools. Eventually, we hope to move the Indonesian Education sector towards a better future! We joined the Founder Institute programme from Silicon Valley in Jakarta and made it to the finals, coming out as one of the graduates. We also had the opportunity to learn more about Silicon Valley from a senior startup there which is very exciting. It was after the programme that we perfecting our product. Now we have launched and are operating fulltime since June 2019. We are now in 10+ schools with 4000 students using our platform.

Founder Institute Immersion Trip in Silicon Valley 2018

Tell us more about the product:

Eddemy is a B2B company that helps K-12 school leaders gain better insight into school situations and take action through research-based survey and data analytic tools. Eddemy also helps educator in Indonesia understand their student needs better and create an optimised learning environment based on the feedback they receive.

What are you looking to achieve next?

It’s still a long way to go for Eddemy, we barely made any noticeable impact, with the opportunity such as EdtechX, we are feeling very lucky to be able to tell our story to the world in hope of getting more attention to help us solve education problem together especially for Indonesia. We hope to reach around 100,000+ students next year by expanding our business and finding more partner to help us throughout this journey.

What has been the biggest obstacle in creating Eddemy?

The Indonesia education ecosystem is very unique and quite slow in progress. We are struggling to educate the importance of this kind of technology and demonstrate how it can potentially improve their schools. But obstacle also means there is an opportunity for progress, as our vision is to bring impact, we believe it’s worth it.

Looking back to the day you started Eddemy, what would you have done differently?

I don’t really have any regrets on what I have done before, because all the mistakes that I made are what made me today. But If I can turn back time, I would only do it faster and bolder despite the opinions of others.

Congratulations in winning EdTechX Jakarta! What are you looking forward to about the EdTechX Summit in London?

Thank you! We are surely very excited about the opportunity in London 2020 to pitch and share our story with the rest of the world. I hope to meet many edtech pioneers at the event, to share some ideas and potentially collaborate. Maybe if lucky, we can meet some Investors that believe and want to support our journey.

How has starting your company in Indonesia helped you? What separates this ecosystem from others?

We create our base operation in Indonesia because we wanted to create an impact on our home, with over 200,000+ schools, 4th largest in the world, a new minister of education who shows some real promises (Nadiem Makarim). Indonesia is really promising, but the obstacle is a real challenge too. However, it means the entry barriers are high and first-mover/pioneer like us who understand the unique environment will also prevail.

Eddemy Visit Plug and Play centre in Silicon Valley with Founder Institutes Graduates

Finally, What piece of advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

Never doubt yourself, if you want to reach your dream just go for it despite the odds. Believe in the impact you create and surely people will also believe in you.

The Global Startup Super League will host 30 startups from around the world. You can follow our story on twitter @edtecheurope as we announce further winners and @EddemyIndonesia as they travel to London next June!

Interested in being part of the Editor’s Pick series? We want to hear from you! Email: hello@edtechxglobal.com




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