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Romy Tuin
Romy Tuin
Nov 21, 2019 · 3 min read
Raphaël Moraglia, CEO, Skillogs

What is the inspiration behind Skillogs?

The idea for Skillogs came when I was an apprentice in retraining five years ago. I didn’t see a fully personalized digital solution, where you could learn when you need it, at your own pace, as if you had a personal teacher. I wanted to meet that need.

What do you want everyone to know about the company?

This company is first and foremost a family dedicated to the future of education. Everyone gets up in the morning and says to themselves: “I’m doing my part”. We do not want to be considered as a start-up, as a software publisher, but as mercenaries of innovation, at the service of tomorrow’s school.

Who should be using Skillogs?

Historically, we have been interested in lifelong learning. Anyone who wishes to train, upgrade their skills, acquire the training that will enable them to have a job, will be welcome. We work with higher education institutions, universities, vocational centres, but also individually.

What are you looking to achieve next?

Two objectives are in our sights: the first is to welcome learners individually, by training them in the competencies they need: this work is substantial, as we are historically on a BtoB model.

The second objective is to become the international leader in apprenticeship and vocational training, and this begins with France’s ambitious programme to train one million apprentices each year: we want to support this ambition.

We were so proud to have one of our 100% online apprenticeship program students be nominated by European Commission at the VET Excellence Awards!

What has been the hardest thing about getting Skillogs off the ground?

Offering a personalised tutoring platform is not easy: developing personalisation algorithms takes time, digitising content is a complex topic, tackling a mature market requires a lot of energy: our offer is at the crossroads of 3 paths: a digital platform, personalisation and content. Bringing all three together required an incredible effort.

What piece of advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

Let me be a good salesman! On November 30, we are launching the most ambitious international entrepreneurship training course: all the advice will be inside.

How do you think starting a company in France has helped you? What separates this ecosystem from others?

I don’t know if my answer would apply to all periods: but the one we are living is incredible: France has reformed its entire vocational training system, its baccalaureate, its university entrance requirements.

We have arrived at the right time to offer global support for the digital transformation of education, in parallel with a national desire to sell the “start-up nation”: it is difficult to ask for more!

Raphaël Moraglia speaking at EdTechX 2019

Finally, when you will be back in London?!

Well, we’re back for BETT, the most important international education fair, and we’ll be happy to come back, even in the middle of Brexit :)

You can follow Raphael and Skillogs on twitter @SkillogsAcarya and online at skillogs.com

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