EdTechX Jakarta Startup Showcase

Romy Tuin
Romy Tuin
Dec 12, 2019 · 4 min read
The audience at EdTechX Jakarta

During the EdTechX Jakarta Ecosystem event, 8 startups pitched for the chance to represent Indonesia at the 2nd Global Startup Super League in London on 18 June 2020. The startups ranged from custom MOOCs to data analytics all with a similar mission to reach more students, improve the skills study gap and lower employment rate as well as improve learner’s well-being and help them achieve their goals. Here is a summary of each of the startups that pitched.


Described as ‘Indonesia’s answer to Coursera’, Arkedemi hosts a suite of custom fit MOOCs that provide certified skill-based learning services. Due to the rapid change in knowledge and skill development, Arkedemi recognised that resources need to be able to adapt so that learners could continuous upskilling and optimise learning potential. Their teaching method emphasises skill improvement, which can be directly implemented to solve real-world problems. Their overall goal is to help reduce the skilled worker supply-demand gap, eventually lowering the unemployment rate. Teaching formats are presented in various forms and combine audio, digital, video, text and images. The classes can be assessed anywhere and anytime.

In the last year, Arkedemi has reached over 10,000 registered students, with 2000+ daily active users. It provides 39 courses on seamless mobile orientated technology and provides both electronic and hard copy certificates to validate the student’s completion of the relevant courses.


Dreamaxtion, focused on human capital solutions, aims to improve company-employee well-being and engagement through information system and technology. Dreamaxtion also launched Dreamtalent, an online psychometric testing platform for predictive recruitment and assessment to help talents discover their strengths and companies can see the right talents with the right fit. With this, they hope to solve the challenge in the mismatch of skills and recruitment where there are 25 applicants per job opening; a 40-day average time to hire, 72% of employers quite in the first 12 months which costs the US $2.1K per lost employee.

Dreamaxtion has seen a huge growth in their following, now with 10,000+ Dreamtalent users, 93% of which are in Indonesia, 4 academic partners and 12 company partners reaching 4000+ universities and 2460 startups. Their partners include CNN Indonesia, Alibaba Cloud, CNBC and many more.


EdConnect describes themselves as an integrated all-on-one school & university management information system. As a cloud-based SaaS, they aim to uplift Indonesia’s education system by encouraging efficiency and open communication through student educational experiences.

Their next goal is to reach surrounding countries, looking to grow internationally with a presence in Thailand, Taiwan, Bangladesh and Nigeria. Now, they are building the foundation and ecosystem for other startups & countries to constantly innovate. Their community provides a channel for stakeholders to provide insights and feedback creating an active learning environment.


Eddemy is a b2b data analytics company that helps K12 school gain better insight on the school situation, and react based on evidence through analytics and surveys. They work to help educators understand their students’ needs and creating an optimised learning environment based on the feedback. Launched their product in June 2019, Eddemy is now in over 10 schools, with 4000 students using the platform.

Eddemy was inspired by the founder’s volunteer work as teachers in local schools. They could see that more information needed to be shared in order to support principals realise what lesson structure should be used and style of teaching. They wanted to create something that was low cost and simple, yet effective enough to help teachers make better decisions in schools.


Horé focuses on experiential learning, promoting equal opportunity employment and increasing talents employability. With classes that vary from science, music, angklung, dance, art and more, Horé works to create experiential learning through providing skills development relevant to today’s needs and also highlights the importance of self-development through character and empathy building.

Since launching in 2014, they have now reached 6000 jobs, with 2000 users and work with 110 companies. They are now focused on growing across the different sectors including tourism, hospitality. They are also working to create training schemes and seminars to providing trainers, speakers and educators.


Ikigai was built to help students take the first steps in their journey towards higher education. Since 2017, their platform was the first in Indonesia to help students choose their education that best matched their interests and personality. It’s mission? To build a higher quality workforce, improve attrition rates in university, lower the accessibility gap in quality education and to bring higher quality international applicants for university and scholarship providers.

Since launching, Ikigai has worked with over 50 schools and 40 universities, partners with the Ministry of Higher Education and acquired over $20k in pre-seed funding. They are now looking to grow their number of users and expand their school subscription programme by providing mobile apps to high schools.

Titik Pintar

Titik Pintar is an e-learning company that focuses on gamification within K12. Based on mobile phones, Titik Pintar works to educate and engage children through entertainment by providing affordable material that can be tailored per child, taught in Bahasa Indonesian and English to teach 21t Century Skills and help improve grades.

Identifying that teaching in Indonesia currently ‘is not aligned with our fast paced society’ causing Indonesia to lie in the bottom 5% of the PISA education rankings, Titik Pintar hopes that by using something that everyone already has, the smartphone, they can begin to help learners and educators rethink how they teach and learn, developing the necessary skills required for society today.

Eddemy was crowned the winner of the pitching competition and will be pitching in London for the chance to win the Global Startup Super League. You read more about their story here >


Connecting the global learning community

Romy Tuin

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Romy Tuin

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Connecting the global learning community

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