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Let’s Follow the Science of Reading

All the science

  • Teachers should be provided with preparation in the application of the science of reading instruction, knowing how to successfully apply it in classrooms like theirs, with students like theirs.
  • Schools should, once again, make learning to read a priority, providing adequate and uninterrupted time each day for reading instruction and providing science-driving professional development for educators.
  • School systems should establish systems to regularly evaluate student progress throughout the school year. This system should use valid and reliable instructional assessments while empowering educators to use data from classroom assessments to determine where and what kind of help is needed at the student, classroom, school, and district levels.



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Patrick Riccards

Father; founder and CEO of Driving Force Institute; author of Eduflack blog; author of Dad in a Cheer Bow and Dadprovement books, education agitator