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You’re too smart to be this broke.
Note from the editor

educatedbutbroke.com is a personal finance site dedicated to helping you pay off student loan debt as aggressively and relentlessly as possible. We advocate living on a tight written budget where you spend less than what you make. We think credit cards are the cigarettes of the financial services industry. We believe auto loans are a tool to keep poor people poor and the middle class from achieving economic wealth. America has $1.5 trillion dollars of student loan debt, it’s time to get out of debt and turn your income into wealth.

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Went to college and graduated with a $170k of debt. Insanity pursues @ Educated & Broke
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Tracy X. Morel, PhD
Organizational Psychologist writing about work and life — “There are no limits to growth b.c there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder”
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Caitlin Dragon 🐲
Wordy, nerdy researching writer with a marketing obsession. Resident cheerleader of Medium. Currently haunting rural Idaho. I love cooking & writing about food.
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Keri Savoca
✨ serial questioner • technical writer • I write about everything but my voice never changes • thank you for connecting 👩🏻‍💻 [savoca.io]
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DJ Jeffries ✔️
I help people identify their life’s work and improve their work life. HR Innovation Specialist. Career Coach. Founder of Led2Win.com.
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Jurgen G
Tax & Technology enthusiast | Entrepreneurial adventurer | Wanna-be writer
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Better Joe
In the last minute of his last day, Francois was still just an average Joe, living in the city. Loved by his husband, he left nothing undone.
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The Haggard Lyon
Midlife musings on all things money, family, travel, and life abroad.
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Alissa Orlando
This blog is about the future of work. How will jobs change with the rise of AI? How do people become their own bosses? Stanford MBA, independent contractor.
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James Garside
NCTJ-qualified journalist (The Argus, Esquire, Big Issue), writer (The Ascent, Hacker Noon, Writing Cooperative, 100+ more) and world traveler. jamesgarside.net
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Do you have plans to retire? Working ’til your 55 or 60? Throwing a little money in savings each month? Not us! https://risksavage.com