Attn Educators: EdLaunch is here!

EdLaunch is a curated list of new products, apps and startups for education. It’s updated every week with the latest products for teachers and schools.

Get access to the tomorrow’s edtech products today:

If you’re anything like me, you love searching out brand new apps and products that can transform teaching and learning.

Edtech startups are experiencing a golden period as schools shift away from traditional teaching methods. As a result, startups for schools and educators are more popular than ever with record breaking investments all over the world. This disruptive force has meant that schools and educators have more choices than ever before.

EdLaunch is the result of my passionate search for new apps and products. Finally, all these startups are in one place and being featured as soon as they become available (or as soon as i find them!). I’m hoping EdLaunch will help us both stay ahead of the curve and discover some awesome educational startups that can change how we educate!

So, if you get a kick out of being the first one to try out new stuff or maybe it’s part of your role at your school? (E-Learning coordinator?)
EdLaunch might be for you!

Also, If you’re an edtech startup, we know it can be hard to get heard amongst the many other apps in schools. You can submit your product with EdLaunch and we’ll help you get some feedback and exposure, with real teachers, when you need it the most -during launch!

EdLaunch is part of Educating Tomorrow’s mission to share the very best stories, ideas and innovations in education.

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