It’s how you prepare that really matters and not what you know

4 Steps on how to prepare for a PM interview ?

One of the most common question that gets asked is how do I prepare for an interview. While now there are several resources out there to prepare for interviews, there are some basic fundamental aspects of interviewing that you should consider.

It is important to note that its not just saying you are going to prepare your best but how you prepare from Day 1 is as important. This applies to any interviews you are doing whether this is technical or non-technical.

Writing your questions down will enable you to take the time to fully grasp the responses. You might feel overwhelmed when writing these questions down or you might end up using the same scenarios over and over again when writing down your questions but its important to see the structure as you write down. Once the response is written down, you can also get a sense of how the response looks like. Does it look like you are focused on the non-critical things or are you addressing the scenario effectively.

2. Mock Interviews with experts

It is quite common to ignore the mock interviews. You might think that the mock interviews are something that are of less value but frankly mock interviews will train your response and thinking through a set of routine that enables you to be able to articulate your response in a way that is well understood by the interviewer.

Mock interviews help address following issues:

Most importantly, do not consider doing mock interviews with ANYONE but rather find someone who has done interviews and can provide the expertise on how to prepare best for your interviews. Time to time, I also provide this service and you can sign up at [].

3. Prepare early

The thing you can very well control is your ability to setup a time for interview. If you can. script out the time it will take for you to prepare for phone and onsite interviews.

For phone interviews, you should atleast reserve about 3 weeks of time to prepare. For onsite, anywhere from 4–6 weeks to prepare. This will allow you the time you need to prepare, take mock interviews and then refine your responses. Anything less than that without preparation will not carry over for your interviews.

4. Reach out to company employees

If you are preparing for an interview at Facebook, reach out to anyone you know at Facebook since you will learn a lot by going through and talking to the person. Ask about culture, best practices, what you should and should not do etc.

Reaching out also allows you to build relationships with someone who you may eventually work with.

These are some of the most useful and actionable PM Interview prep tips. If you would like to learn more, reach out to me at to signup for a mock interview session or at



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