Calling All Teachers, Administrators, and Parents!

Are you getting excited for the upcoming school year? What is on your mind going into your fresh start? What was great about your school last year? What is something that got you fired up? Whatever is on your mind, write about it and submit it to Education Patriots!

There is no set length or formality when it comes to articles for our site. We want frontline news, thoughts, and information. If you have ever had an opinion but thought that you are not a writer, or not “good” enough to contribute to a site, then this is the platform for you! If you are experienced, we definitely want to hear from you too! Either way, we would love the opportunity to voice your opinion!

Show us what you have and allow us to present it to the world! As contributors to the Education Revolution we must not be afraid to let our voices be heard!

Still not ready to write for us? Thats ok! Send us your ideas and a member of our team will build an article based on your input!

Articles and ideas can be submitted through our online form or by emailing