Declaration of Education!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the launching of Education Patriots! Our nation’s schools have become a safe haven for outdated methods, unfair use of testing, and underperforming educators. Schools, specifically teachers and administrators, have developed a negative reputation that has led to a disrespected and under-appreciated profession. A role that was once considered pristine and valued in society has now become the laughing stock of the nation. Educators fight to be heard but continue to be put down, mocked, and pushed to the side. “Those who cannot do, teach” has become our nation’s motto for educators.

Education Patriots’ goal is to reclaim our voice as educators and to give prestige to a profession that we know, deep down in our hearts, is absolutely necessary in order to preserve the greatness of our country. Education has been neglected long enough and the time to speak up and show our strength is now. We, at Education Patriots, strive to create meaningful, impactful, and positive change in our schools. The majority of issues in our schools can be addressed through the simple question of “does this work?” This is certainly oversimplifying, but sometimes the most complicated issues are addressed with the most simplistic solutions. We must use what does work and come up with new ideas to help fix what doesn’t. Just as our forefathers sparked a revolution in the hope for a greater and more prosperous country, so too must we launch such a campaign now. Revolution in the name of Education!

Education Patriots is a call to all members of society that want to give value back to education. Whether you are an educator, work in schools, are a parent, or simply have a thought that you think can lead to change and growth in our nation’s schools, we want to hear from you. All too often we stay quiet because we do not think that we are qualified to broadcast our opinion. Let us assure you that Education Patriots is the platform for your voice! We want to here all, so long as it has the potential to have a positive impact on the youth of our great country, so please write in and share. One article, paragraph, or sentence has the potential to spark something great. We ask you please, chime in and help us ring the bells of the education revolution!