3 key skills that can get you a software developer job

We live in a very competitive and rapidly changing world especially in terms of technology. Technological companies are competing against each other to protect their existence, to gain a small percentage of market share.
These companies are investing large amount of time and money in new business expansion experiments.

As a result the expectations of these organisations from their employees have also increased. This is one of the main reason why most of the organisations try to hire experienced candidates, they want to minimise the on-boarding cost and maximise the revenue.

After working in software industry for about 5 years now, I can safely say that learning following three skills will make it very easy for you to get a job as software developer.
The best part is these skills are independent from the technology stack.

Using a version control system

A version control system is a system that records change in file or a set of files over a period of time. It keeps track of every modification done to the source code.
The main advantages of a version control system are:
1. Mistakes made in the source code can be removed by going back to a previous stable version.
2. It avoids concurrent work to conflict.
3. Different versions of the same source code can be made available for different category of devices.
4. Traceability of each and every change made in the source code. Helps in finding the bugs easily.
5. Branching and merging of the source code.

The two most popular version control systems used by organisations are
1. Github
2. Bitbukcket

Test Driven Development

It is a software development process that relies on a very short development cycles.

Flow of test driven development
1. The requirements are converted into specific test cases.
2. Software is developed and it is made to pass all the test cases created in step one.
3. The new code is not accepted until all the tests are passed.

The above method though consumes more time in beginning but assures a bug free code, saving time and money in long run.

Agile software development

It is basically a combination of iterative and incremental software development processes.

Flow of agile development
1. Divide the software project into small parts.
2. Do the requirement analysis of the first part.
3. Design the first part.
4. Develop the first part.
5. Test the test part.
6. Repeat the above steps for adding other parts and making a complete project.

The main advantage of this method is continuous delivery and ease of accommodating change.

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