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The Autonomy For Personalized Growth

Capture, Curate and Share The Learning Experience

Tell Your Story: 70/20/10 rule for professional growth

70% Capture Real Experiences (Active Participant)

20% Static Observations (Spectator)

10% Traditional Training/PD (Passive-Zombified)

Too often, professional learning is predicated on the variable of “seat time,” instead of the task orientation. Demonstrating mastery orientation of professional growth often is determined by the number of continuing education credits or graduate credits earned. Teachers have to sit and get professional development by attending university lectures for multiple semesters at a time. Such a compliance oriented approach reinforces the theory of becoming a “spectator or passive-zombie” in the professional growth process. In this undesirable practice, the learner’s professional growth is measured based on compliance and karats.

Teachers are empowered to create a more personalized approach for professional growth.

In stark contrast, an active participant functions on an Individualized Professional Development (iPD) learning platform. This iPD platform emphasizes self-directed and personalized professional growth, this is a premium practice teachers want and need. iPD growth leverages 21st Century tools in order to digitally capture, curate and share the great teaching and learning tasks occurring in classrooms. “Time on task” is the essential variable in a 21st Century iPD culture of growth. As a result, an iPD culture of learning thrives on our “Let’s Go B.I.G.!” concept (listed below).

Key attributes of iPD:

* Self-Directed Social Learning

* Project, Problem or Inquiry-Based Learning

* Internal Locus of Control,Efficacy and Purpose

* Collaboration, student access and real world learning opportunity

Let’s Go B.I.G.!

Belong: Capture the nuances of what makes the learning unique in your class or school. Capture the true LOVE of learning and the family atmosphere in your school. True learning is an interactive and interdependent social learning experience. The love of learning is a collaborative exchange of ideas and scaffolding tasks, in order to solve a unique problem. Through a digital medium, capture your school’s mission in action.

Intensity: Curate the levels of rigor and passion learners demonstrate in their learning tasks. Show how hard individuals in the learning culture are pushing themselves. Curate the “bell to bell” learning, as each minute of learning is valued by the learning community. Document the intensive step-by-step process of success each learner is experiencing.

Grit: Share how learners are persistent, focused and engaged in their learning tasks (state content standards in action). Learners are not giving up when they meet adversity. Instead, the learners examine the problem and develop unique solutions. Resiliency and focus are the essential variables for the continuous development of grit.

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