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LAUSD Candidate ByRoN Gutierrez on Governance

If elected to the School Board for the country’s second-largest School District how would he approach policy making and implementation?

Carl J. Petersen
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11 min readDec 1, 2023


“I totally agree with the foundational principal that the school board serves the electorate.”

– BD3 Candidate ByRoN Gutierrez

ByRoN Gutierrez (left) and Richard Ramos (Photo by Carl J. Petersen)

ByRoN Gutierrez is running against incumbent Scott Schmerelson in LAUSD’s Board District 3, which covers most of the western San Fernando Valley. As part of my ongoing Candidate Forum series, Gutierrez was asked five questions about how the District is governed. For the introduction to this subject along with answers from other candidates, please see the article LAUSD Candidate Forum: Governance.

The following are the candidate’s responses, printed exactly how he provided them with the exception of some minor formatting edits:

  • Would you agree with the statement: “The elected LAUSD Board is responsible for setting policy. The job of the Superintendent is to ensure that the bureaucracy follows this policy.”? YES

In principle, a very clear division should exist between the Board which sets policy and the Superintendent who manages day to day operations. In practice this is an area which definitely needs some work.

For context I fed this question into Google Bard, I thought the breakdown was very good so I include it here:

Google Bard (start)

Yes, I agree with the statement that the elected LAUSD Board is responsible for setting policy, and the job of the Superintendent is to ensure that the bureaucracy follows this policy.

The LAUSD Board of Education is the governing body of the Los Angeles Unified School District. It is made up of seven members who are elected by the residents of the district. The Board is responsible for setting the overall direction of the district, including developing and approving policies, setting the budget, and overseeing the Superintendent.



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