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1.4 Million Killed and 5 Million Injured: The Necessity of Road Safety Education

Afzal Badshah, PhD
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Road accidents are a very important and serious problem, yet they are not given the importance they deserve. According to a study, approximately 1.4 million people are killed in accidents and around 5 million are injured each year worldwide. This number is greater than the death toll from any epidemic.

Almost every accident is caused by human error; very few are caused by technical faults. Reasons for accidents include overspeeding, crossing the road, lack of road education, not following rules, not using signs, and ignoring board guidance, etc. Speeding is the leading cause of accidents, claiming more lives than all other causes combined. We should pay more attention to these reasons, as anyone can be affected at any time and place.

What are the 10 essential instructions you would give your child if they were to take a bike or a car for the first time?

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Among rides, the bike is the most dangerous. A study summarizes that motorcyclists are twice as likely to die in vehicular (four-wheeler) accidents and are more likely to be speeding, from which it is obvious that most of the people who die in accidents are motorcycle riders. The roads are well-made, but the people walking on them are not safe. Accidents are reported daily, and many young people are deprived of living with this beauty, causing endless pain to their parents.

The following are the major reason for accidents.

Over speeding

Speeding is the primary cause of road accidents. Parents should guide their children on the meaning of speed for different vehicles. The speed of a motorcycle cannot be compared to that of a car, etc.

Crossing the road

Children, when crossing the road, should look both ways to ensure the road is clear. They should also know when and where it is safe to cross. Receiving road safety education can help with this.

Not following rules

This is mostly noticed in our young children feel proud of violating the road rules. Roads are public places, where people travel. So, if anyone violates them, it affects the whole public.

Not using road communiction

I have seen a number of motorcyclists who were hit from behind at night because they were not using a back light or reflector. Similarly, people also ignore the use of navigation lights on the road.

Ignoring the board guidance

Road sign boards are actually the eyes of the driver. Ignoring these signs means you are driving with your eyes closed. It is therefore necessary to educate our children about the importance of these sign boards and how to follow them.

Road accidents are a major cause of death and injury. Unfortunately, their importance is often overlooked, and our children are not adequately trained for the road before stepping onto it. Parents must guide their children for the roads, and the government should also include activities in the curriculum to guide them and prepare them for the road.

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