Writing Assignments in the Age of AI

Brent A. Anders, Ph.D.
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Source: http://sovorelpublishing.com/index.php/2023/04/26/writing-assignments-in-the-age-of-ai/

Many instructors are struggling with issues associated with giving writing assignments as part the evaluations used within their courses. This infographic highlights some key ideas regarding how to inform students about the use of AI in the class as well as different ways to use and give writing assignments. Additionally, but sure to use any opportunity to help student develop AI Literacy and know what is gained or lost when using AI.

Although this infographic focuses on how to prevent students from using AI on their written assignments, it is important to consider if AI should actually be used in completing the assignment. What exactly is being taught and what is being evaluated? What is the desired student learning outcome (SLO) and will using AI prevent that or enhance that process? Do students already have skills master of the topic? Would this be a good time to help students develop the needed skill of using AI to help them accomplish a writing assignment faster and more effectively? Won’t they need this skill when they graduate and enter the work force? These are important aspects to consider.

Brent A. Anders, Ph.D.

Anders has worked in higher academia for over 20 years, focusing on educational methodologies, motivation, media, AI, & instructional technologies.

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