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EDUFEX : A new approach to the learning culture

The process of learning has changed.

Gone are the days poring over textbooks and notes on the study table. Today, education has moved online — it’s not about mugging up anymore; it’s understanding.

We all follow a particular routine daily. It can be reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee every morning, going to the office, cooking food, etc. Sometimes our routines are flexible where we can add other activities like going to the gym post office or doing pending chores. And sometimes we have tight schedules where everything is fixed from time to time. There is one thing we should never stop doing, i.e. Learning and educating ourselves till the end. I firmly believe Learning gives us a will to look forward to bettering ourselves and our way of living. It makes us a more robust version of ourselves.

Being responsible individuals, we have a lot of commitments to look after. Due to this, physically attending lectures of your desired course is not possible. That’s where online education comes into the picture. Distance and virtual learning courses are essential to higher education in the 21st century.“Convenience. Affordable. Knowledgeable. Understandable. Valuable.” the fundamental mantra of online education. The trustworthy platform that covers all these qualities is Edufex.

Edufex is a trending blockchain-based platform with an e-learning management system. It connects learners, educators and universities to grow individually with full potentials. Multiple courses are available that will be beneficial to the learner throughout their life. On Edufex, we hire educators with professional expertise who deliver quality content that is understandable for everyone. Doubts regarding the subject can be clarified on an immediate basis. The most exciting benefit about Edufex is its blockchain certificate which the learners receive after completing their course. The certification adds weightage to their resumes and gives them a better position for employment opportunities. Anyone can view the certificate provided they have the learners hash ID.

Basics benefits of Edufex (for students)

  • Cost-Effective
  • Quick Delivery of lessons
  • High accessibility
  • Multiple retakes of virtual classes
  • Tailored training
  • Any time/ place
  • Career advancements
  • Personalised learning experience
  • Blockchain verified certification.

Educate yourself on Edufex and enjoy mind-blowing benefits.

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