The chairman and vice chairman of EduHash meet future talents.

The chairman Kim Jae-gyu and the vice chairman James Jeon of EduHash which is the leader in the private blockchain with a source of technology that surpasses the Hyperledger and R3 Corda are going to meet young people directly in order to cultivate future talent.

Jae-gyu Kim is an education specialist who has led the Korean education industry for 21 years and has educated many students. His efforts and enthusiasm to improve the quality of education for students as educators led to the opening of the boarding school for the first time in the adult education market, the development of customized programs for students, and the development of the educational contents platform EduHash which is suitable for the 4th Industrial Revolution era.

The vice chairman of EduHash, James Jeon is the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services (DXC) Korea and Asia-Pacific regional leader, the secretary general of the International Fiscal Association, the CEO of Tax Executives Institute (TEI) Korea and the Asia-Pacific regional leader, Korea Representative Committee, OECD(Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development) BIAC for Digital Economy, Technology Innovation, Blockchain.

Kim Jae-gyu who was invited to the special lecture by Sungshin Women’s University said,

“Educational leader and global IT leader, two people in totally different areas meet each other and will create new values. We would like to be mentors as an education professional and a global corporate CEO to support the young expand their view and get opportunity to move over the world by hearing and talking with them as value creating in 4th industry revolution era. EduHash will serve as a bridge for young talented people in Korea to experience overseas markets and business and realize their dreams.”

On the other hand, EduHash, which is leading the blockchain technology consulting business in Asia market jointly with, a global company with annual sales over $24 bilion dollars, is constantly recruiting global interns to cultivate 4th industry talents. Interns in the field will have the opportunity to experience practical business experiences such as various overseas business experiences in blockchain industry, future-oriented industrial area.