Meet Max, the father who wants to put your child’s class in your pocket

eduly editor
Jun 25, 2018 · 3 min read
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Max at home with his 8 year old daughter

So Max, let’s start with introducing yourself. What’s home-life like for you?

Married for fourteen years, with two jobs, one child and two dogs, life is pretty busy! Whilst, aside from work and school, through the week, we don’t get time to do much, we always try and walk the dogs as a family. At the weekends we seem to forever be running a taxi service for my daughter; from classes to parties but we love it really. Holidays for us centre around driving down to our holiday home in St Ives — just a beautiful place to unwind.

How engaged do you feel in your daughter’s education?

Like any parent, you try to get involved but time is limited. You attend the usual; parent’s evenings, school events, read reports and homework but the touch points are few and it’s easy to become reliant on the school even with the best of intentions..

What part of your daughter’s education have you found to be the most frustrating part for you?

Teachers have a difficult job, often on their own with too many children and a lot of pressure. In the main they are passionate about what they do but I have always felt schools operate now much as they did 10 or 20 years ago.. The frustrating part is there is a disjoint between the school, teachers and parents. Much of the communication is manual, literally paper letters in her school bag. All the while we have no appreciation for what actually goes on in school day-to-day, let alone how she is progressing (good or bad). Whilst this maybe the status quo that has existed for decades, it does feel like the parent, teacher and school all suffer.

So the inspiration behind eduly came from your own experiences with your daughter?

Yes, absolutely. What seemed absurd to me was that I knew more about what Donald Trump did with his day than what my daughter was doing. I knew the solution was creating an app that parents and schools would take equal ease and joy in using. We are used to using social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn for home and work, why not now school?

Tell me in around 50 words what eduly is aiming to achieve?

We aim to make eduly the app of choice for schools who want to engage with parents, for teachers who don’t want to be alone in the classroom and for parents who want to play a part in their child’s education in their own time. We believe digital innovation in schools is only 1% finished. By bringing easy-to-use technology to schools and parents, we believe we can lead a revolution.

To find out more about eduly and how it can revolutionise early years education visit


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